Unique Collectables

Comic variants & key issues, Autographed merchandise, unique figurines, sports memorabilia. Adventure Galley Finds has something for everyone!

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Special Collections

Every collection starts with a few items. Adventure Galley Finds can help to build collections from scratch and help collectors get items to complete their collections!

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Comics and Toys

Action Figures, Cards, Toy Cars, Comics, Sports, Wrestling, Transformers, Vintage Toys, Playsets. Adventure Galley Finds connects people with their passions!

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Welcome Aboard The Adventure Galley!

  • Our treasures are "collectables" the best toys/comics/'cool things' around. Anything from superheroes to sports heroes; if it is awesome, we will do our best to connect collectors to the treasures they seek.
  • Our objective is your satisfaction; rediscovering the underlying magic in long lost passions. Liven up any office/rec room, give a unique gift to someone you want to impress.
  • Our trade is collecting and assembling items to help #YGK, Ontario, and the World, connect with the best collectables around.

Our shop started as a flea market stall before evolving into the store it is today! We excel at customer service and talking shop. If you have any questions about our products: we will do everything we can to earn and nurture your trust.

Adventure Galley Finds is your vessel in the sea of collectibles and toys! Come on in and find the treasure you've always been looking for.

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